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Sharon Hewer is an Action Painter. With action painting the resulting work emphasizes the physical act of painting itself.

Sharon Hewer is equally skilled at painting landscapes, cityscapes, and the human form. Her painting is gestural and bold, spontaneous and expressive. She likes for the process to show through in her work. It is about energy and form. She is comfortable in oil, pastel and acrylic mediums.

Her favorite subjects are man made, found objects, where they have been left in nature to gain a beautiful old patina that only time can produce. She wants the humble subjects she paints to whisper about where they have been and what they have seen.

She loves the soft lines and rusty look of old Volkswagen Beatles. She is a graduate of the Art Institute of Boston. Her art career began in New York City working in fashion illustration and layout for department stores. She now does fine art full time.


The Flower Garden Gallery in Cheviot, Ohio
Rottinghaus Gallery, O'Bryonville, Ohio
Duveneck and Friends Show, June 2011, Cincinnat Art Galleries